Twitch Gets Pogged

125 GB Twitch Data Leak Including Source Code And Payout Secrets

Twitch, a game streaming platform, has been the victim of the leak and reportedly leaked confidential company information and streamer revenue

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The Amazon-owned company has more than 7 million creators streaming media every month, and the company announced the Twitch data leak news in a statement on Twitter on October 6

The company said they could confirm that a breach had occurred, and their team is working urgently to understand its severity.

According to the website Video Games Chronicle, an unknown hacker posted 125 GB of Twitch data to the online chat forum 4chan. According to reports, the published data includes

  • The source code of the website
  • Details of the creators payment
  • The names of the companies customers

According to the Video Games Chronicle report, the anonymous 4chan hackers who allegedly released Twitch data stated that he did so to “create more disruption and competition in the field of online video streaming.”

Since its launch in 2011, Twitch was acquired by Amazon for US$970 million in 2014. It is one of the most popular games streaming platforms, with millions of streaming media and more than 10 million users

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The Twitch Data Leak Has Been Marked As “PART ONE,” Which Suggests That There May Be More

The Twitch data leak is marked as “Part One,” which means there could be more data. The hacker said that the file contains:

  • Historical records of Twitch source code, etc.
  • Proprietary software development kits.
  • Unreleased competitors Steam.
  • The online game store.
  • Programs used by Twitch to test its security flaws.
  • A list of the revenue that each of the site’s streamers has made since 2019.

“Look at how much money your favorite streamer makes!” the hacker posted. “Jeff Bezos spent $970 million for this, and we gave it away for free.”

Twitch data leak part one

About The Update Of The Stream Key

Twitch didn’t answer a call for comment on the details of the breach. The company wrote on
Twitter that their team is working in urgency to understand its severity. Further, they said that as soon as more information becomes available, they will update the community immediately.” According to income lists that cannot verify independently, some site streamers have made millions of dollars since 2019. Some streamers confirmed that their numbers were accurate,
whereas others disputed it.

It is still not clear that how much data has been accessed till now. Twitch said it is still working to understand its security vulnerabilities, and it seems that some Twitch users should change their passwords. Twitch also reset all streaming keys on its service. “As a prudent consideration,
we have reset all streaming media keys,” said an email sent to all Twitch streamers.

Although Twitch is still investigating and has stated that there are no signs that login details have been exposed to the public, Sonora Solutions still advises that you change your Twitch password if you have not already done so. Also, don’t forget to enable two-factor authentication.

In addition to this, Twitch does not store the complete credit card number, so the complete credit card number will not be exposed. Either way, Twitch data leak will cause damage to game streaming services, especially for creators who rely on Twitch to ensure revenue and information security. Under the #DoBetterTwitch movement, Twitch conducted several weeks of protests to improve its services.

In August, the Twitch streamers also took a day off to protest the company’s lack of action on hate attacks

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